The UC2 use case deals with the roadways that are part of a linear infrastructure and their development throughout the infrastructure lifecycle, from programming, design and construction up to operation, servicing and maintenance.

The UC2 working group brought together the key actors involved in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructures, as well as PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) specialists.

The roadways constitute the main asset taken into account in an asset management system. With regard to service life, design rules, interactions with users and the costs associated with servicing and maintenance, it is necessary to structure roadway data in order to:

  • know the roadway characteristics;
  • know the state of the roadways at any time;
  • plan for monitoring and servicing needs.

Structuring roadway data should make it possible to have all the necessary information available so that the following can be known at any time: the level of service offered to users (surface characteristics), the state of the asset and urgency in the event of damage. It is therefore helpful to take an inventory of all data relating to roadway design, construction, environment and monitoring.

Approach adopted

Structuring of data